Brookside Stadium Preservation Society

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I attended many Class A baseball games there in the summer of 1941. I lived nearby and walked to the park and back home again. My sister took me everywhere, probably at the request of my mother. One of the teams was Bartuneks, sponsored by a Cleveland business. I was age 9 and I accompanied my sister age 14 who met her then boyfriend in the park, where they played tennis and then gravitated to the ballgames. There were concrete seats, but we generally sat on the grass on the hillside.
Dolores - Cleveland, OH
Although I never played a baseball game on Diamond #1...I watched more than a few there. My personal experience was that I practiced behind the outfield fence when I played CYO football for Blessed Sacrament in 1967-70. Your article gave me some hope for restoration in the future.
Alan - Cleveland, OH  

I remember playing Class B baseball under the lights in the early 80's.

Jim - Cleveland, OH


I am still seething at the demise of Diamond #1 and the unthinkable actions of the Cleveland political system. My father played in the first night game in 1938. At one time he was in charge of 500+ youths who played daily in the summer on 10 baseball diamonds down Brookside. It amazes me how a city could allow the disintegration of a thriving recreational community. In my lifetime I have never seen anything like it. The hill should be bulldozed, Diamond #1 brought back and also used for winter time activities. This field served as a vehicle for professional and amateur athletes, many who became leaders in their community, locally and nationally.

Ray - TX


Brookside park and diamond 1 in general was my playground as a kid. played many games and grew up with friends on that field, it has a special remembrance that no other baseball field can duplicate. We need to take action and get this moving in the right direction. It is a shame how the field has been left to die after it has offered so much to many through the years.

Tom - Cleveland, OH


P HOTO - Ray Schmotzer and teammate at Brookside Stadium