Brookside Stadium Preservation Society

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While today it lies in slumber, tomorrow we can envision the Stadium returned to its former grandeur. The Brookside Stadium Preservation Society is working to see Brookside Stadium restored and returned to use in order to preserve its history, and create memories for the next generation.


Historical Landmark Status

As part of our preservation plan, we are working to obtain historical landmark status through the City of Cleveland as well as historical designation on the National Register of Historic Places. You can join our petition here . ( This plan also includes obtaining an Ohio Historical Marker from the Ohio Historical Society that will outline the Stadium’s significant role in Cleveland’s past.


Historical Renovation

The Preservation Society envisions establishing Brookside Stadium as a destination ballpark by re-creating a first class, old-time space that will welcome players and leagues from throughout the region. Specifically these plans entail re-orienting the field to it’s original position, grading and clearing hillsides to natural spectator seating, and installing period-specific infrastructure (wooden backstops, grass infield, natural fencing, etc.). Additional signage will be constructed at the park’s entry at Denison Avenue and Fulton Road. As part of our commitment to baseball’s past, Brookside Stadium seeks to be the first permanent home for vintage baseball in the City of Cleveland.


Documenting History

The full story of Brookside Stadium does not currently exist. Its past grandeur is recalled today only by the tale of elderly Clevelanders, or in faint references within history books. But the iconographic image that many have seen of what could be the largest attendance in all of sports leaves Brookside Stadium with a legendary story to be told, and an endangered ballpark to be brought back to life. The Preservation Society seeks to collect these stories and images and produce the first concise history of Brookside Stadium. If you or someone you know would like to share your story, write us.

Brookside Stadium, 2013

Plan "A" Above, Plan "B" Below